Fast growing Kramp is innovative!

By: Visie Partners & Kramp in: Varsseveld
On the 27th of March 2018, Kramp (one of our APICS customers) hosted an event in Varsseveld. Kramp is a fast-growing supplier specialized in serving customers in agriculture, forestry, and related areas. Customers of both Visie Partners and Verwoerd Consult visited the impressive new automated warehouse and attended a presentation and demonstration.

Customers of both Visie Partners and Verwoerd Consult visited the impressive new automated warehouse which is almost ready to start. Jan Frans Berends, director logistics Benelux, informed us about the development of the company and how they have expanded geographically, as well as connecting with partners.

We had an interesting presentation about innovation at Kramp by Martin Schiphauwer. We learned how the changes in agriculture are impacting the product portfolio of Kramp.

Agricultural innovation

The focus in this story was that agriculture had come a long way since the past 50 years, and the next 50 years will be as, or even more, exciting. Where new technology quickly finds its way into farming they have to choose how to grow with trends like Farm camps, solar parks or even fish and office farms.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Maarten Raeymaekers, a business consultant at Exact Software, demonstrated the use of Internet Of Things (IoT) by demonstrating the use of sensors. He demonstrated how sensors and computer software can be coupled together easily to make your home or factory smarter. He also showed 2 examples, one of a smart fridge that automatically tweets when someone steals a beer. The other example was a smart Duplo home, with proximity, fire, and even a smart doorbell sensor.

It was impressive to see how Kramp is managing over 500.000 Stock keeping units and is managing 10 warehouses all across Europe, including the Nordic countries and Russia while maintaining a very high level of on-time delivery.

It was a nice opportunity for the participants to keep in touch with innovation and to socialize during and after the tour through the warehouses.

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