About Supply Chain Network

Supply Chain Network is a network of supply chain and operations management professionals, who want to stay connected with new developments as well as with their peers. Member events will be organized for the SCN members. SCN members are explicitly invited to bring up ideas for events and help with organizing events. For those who want to maintain their APICS certificates, we offer the opportunity to earn certification maintenance points. You can see how many points you have earned per event or activity. Supply network is open for current and past customers of Visie Partners and for ASCM (former APICS) members in The Netherlands. Every individual who has attended at least one or our programs can become a network member. It is not required that the participant has passed the course exam. Becoming a Supply Chain Network member is free, and you can register on the registration page.


Supply Chain Network will keep members updated about important changes from APICS and ASCM. The new Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) will be launched early 2019, and is a new, global network for supply chain management and innovation. APICS and its study programs will become a part of ASCM.

Supply Chain Network, launch video

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